Our Executive Chef Lexy Hasley and her culinary team have fine-tuned the art of hand-crafted southern cuisine with a creative flair, highlighting the bold flavors native to Texas.  When you think about Texas-style cuisine, barbecue, southern comfort food, and Tex-Mex all come to mind - now envision these favorites 'with a Twist'.  Our catering team has mastered the art of elevating these traditional flavors by applying unique techniques like smoking, brining, marinating and braising.  We put a twist on traditional southern family recipes, showcasing this approach at each and every perfectly-executed catering experience.
All of the items on this menu are designed to make things as easy as possible for you on your delivery day. 
We provide all necessary bowls, platters, serving utensils, hot food is delivered hot, as well as Eco-friendly disposable plates and cutlery with napkins for your guests.

Smoked Salmon