Twisted Provisions

Order anytime and we will reach out to let you know when your order will be ready.  4-days notice may be needed on some orders.

  We have a protocol in place for pick-up that limits interaction.


Heat + Eat Meals, Fresh Do it Yourself Meals, Frozen Meals, Snacks and Groceries


How it Works!

Our Meals To Go will be a Heat + Eat experience. 

Heating instructions will be included.


We make everything home-made, even our salad dressings.  We ensure the freshest ingredients with a strong focus on less preservatives.

Let us do the cooking for you, in our Health Department approved kitchen, with additional sanitizing procedures put in place. 

To be even more focused on the social distancing, our pick up experience, will go as such:  text upon arrival and we will bring your food out, properly labeled and ready, set on a table and you grab.  This limits interaction and less surfaces to touch.

Delivery will be within a set time, dropped at your front door and a text sent your way to confirm delivery.

Serving for 1 or Family Style for 3-5
Meals are served best within 5 days.